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Top Stories

Historic Edition:
December 9th, 2004
Vol. 24  No. 24

Fire Prevention Poster Contest Winners

Marissa Kowalik and Casey Bower with Akron Fire Chief Glenn Joachimiak and Akron Fire Company Fire Prevention Officer Ken Pagels following presentation of their awards at the Swormsville Fire Hall last Thursday night. The Poster Contest is sponsored by the Clarence Newstead Chiefs Association. Marissa earned first place in Grade K and Casey earned second place in Grade 1. The posters will go on to State competition. Prizes included Savings bonds, Toys R Us certificates, and Media play certificates.

Akron Central student prepares for peace seeking trip to India

One Akron Central student will spend Christmas break on a peace seeking trip to India.

Digging for History

PanAmerican Consultants, Inc. were out digging for history last week. The team of archeologists, affiliated with the University of Buffalo, are investigating the areas in the Town of Newstead where Water District #10 waterlines will be installed. In southern Newstead the team found some prehistoric flakes and arrowheads, but as of Friday, the northern portion had produced little more than road gravel, Crew chief Joe Kline said. Mark Houston, Katie Bigie and Field Director Dustin Keeler sift through a sample of dirt from the roadside on Meahl Rd. Mr. Kline indicted nothing found to date would cause any change in the planned location for water line.

Christmas musical planned at Calvary Baptist

The Calvary Baptist Church Choir, under the direction of Marcia Hiller and Mona Rudolph, will present the Christmas Musical, “The Story of Christmas,” during the 11:00 a.m. service this Sunday, December 12.

"Walk the Villages" kicks off at Akron Community Christmas

A new initiative to encourage people to walk through villages in State Senator Mary Lou Rath’s district begins in Akron during the Community Christmas celebration this Saturday.

Akron man arrested for possession of marijuana

A 21-year old Akron resident was arrested in his Main Street apartment Saturday night following a harassment complaint.

Erie County Water Authority budget includes storage tank in Newstead

Construction of a water storage tank in the Town of Newstead is included in the recently adopted Erie County Water Authority (ECWA) budget for 2005.

Fire inspection should not require additional charge

I have been quiet for too long now. Today I opened my mail to find a notice of another tax in the Town of Newstead. They are now trying to charge me to do a fire inspection of my business building. I pay property taxes for this already, don’t I? This inspection has always been done for free in the past. Is the Town of Newstead trying to raise money on the backs of business yet again? Or perhaps it is so Mr. Summe can vote himself another $5,000.00 pay raise. Maybe he has in mind to add even more pork to the town payroll, so he can find another friend to employ, as Mr. Giambra seems so expert at doing.

Town of Newstead enforcing Uniform Fire Prevention and building code

The Town of Newstead is phasing in the State of New York Department of State mandated enforcement of the Uniform Fire Prevention and building code for protection of the public.

We will pay now and later

The problem, among many, with the politics of pocket padding and personal petulance is that it always, always comes with a price tag.

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