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Top Stories

Historic Edition:
June 29th, 2006
Vol. 25  No. 51

Accomplishments recognized with varied awards

Akron students were recently recognized for their academic accomplishments with various awards.

Akron Community Band opens 2006 season

Come enjoy Akron Community Band as they kick off another season of Friday night music.

Akron-Newstead Senior Citizens News

Akron/Newstead Senior Citizens offer a number of activities throughout the week. They invite all Akron/Newstead residents over the age of 55 to become a member and participate in the programs of their choice.

Area organizations and businesses support Akron graduates with scholarships and awards

Area organizations and businesses made a variety of awards and scholarships available to Akron Central High School seniors each year.

Dates to Note

This column features a summary of dates and activities you may want to note. It is our hope the column will help you plan your personal and organizations' calandars to minimize conflicts. Please submit your dates to the AKRON BUGLE- Dates to note, P.O. Box 464, Akron NY 14001 as soon as you set them.

New Fourth of July feature offers place to cool off

The Akron Celebration Committee, with generous support from Akron/Newstead businesses and individuals is bringing a number of outstanding musical groups in for the parade, as well as providing entertainment in the Russell Park gazebo throughout the three day celebration. County Line Stone, Whiting Door Manufacturing, Cold Spring Construction, Bank of Akron, Town of Newstead, Candy Apple Cafe, NOCO Energy Corp. Lions Club of Akron, Inc., Perry's Ice Cream, and Fred Thomas Agency have made significant contributions to the fireworks, parades, and entertainment. All sponsors will be recognized during the entire celebration and more are needed. Anyone interested in more information on sponsorship can call 542-9615.

Postal carriers hope all will get serious about dog bite prevention

Nationwide, Postal Service carriers suffered 3,249 dog bites last year (an average of eleven dog attacks every delivery day), and that figure does not include the number of threatening incidents that did not result in injury. Did you know that more than two million children were bitten by dogs in 2005?

Simple solution to financial burdens shared

There's a shockingly simple solution to the financial burdens that continue to buckle the backs of taxpayer's from Angola to Amherst.


An agricultural scholarship presented at Akron Central school focuses on encouraging the those interested in being part of agriculture's history.

Specialized achievements celebrated with award presentations

Several awards recognizing specialized skills in science, writing, art and technology and other areas were presented to Akron students last month.

The Bugler

The Bugler is a column of personal interest- Birthdays, Anniversaries, College Notes, In the service are printed free of charge for subscribers.

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