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Historic Edition:
September 27th, 2007
Vol. 27  No. 13

Community Development Block Grant hearing

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the Town Board feels that it is essential to solicit opinions and input from the residents of the Town of Newstead with regards to the planned use of Erie County Community Development Block Grants in our community,

Senior Exemption Public Hearing

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the Town Board of the Town of Newstead is considering adopting a resolution increasing the amount of exemptions to be provided to persons sixty-five years of age or over under 467 of the Real Property Tax Law. If this resolution is adopted, the amount of exemptions would increase by $2500 for each level of exemption. The exemptions are graduated based upon range of incomes. Under the new law a person sixty-five years or over earning up to $17,500 per year would be eligible for a 50% exemption on their real property taxes with the exemptions decreasing based upon the earnings. Persons sixty-five years of age or older earning over $23,200 would not be eligible for any exemption.

Subdivision Public Hearing

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a public hearing of the Newstead Town Board will be held at the Newstead Town Hall, 5 Clarence Center Road in the Village of Akron, New York at 7:30PM on Monday, October 8, 2007 to consider the following: To allow an two (2) lot major subdivision

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