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Top Stories

Historic Edition:
August 28th, 2003
Vol. 23  No. 9

Educational approach to crime prevention focus of new School Resource Officer

A new face and new educational program is greeting those returning to Akron Central School this Fall. Akron’s application for the New York State Police COPS/School Resource Officer (SRO) grant award was successful and Trooper James W. Buono established an office in the main floor of the high school building at 47 Bloomingdale Ave. about a week and a half ago.

Award Winning Students

The Rotary Club of Akron/Newstead honored a number of recent Akron Central School graduates during a recent meeting.

A jumping good time at Noco Energy Products

Many of the products reminded everyone of the cold weather expected to arrive in a few months.

Akron college student to spend senior year studying in Oxford, England

Monica Bower, the daughter of Jerry Bower and Cecilia “Sissy” Dinino of Akron, New York will study in Oxford, England during the fall semester.

Akron businessman taking heated stand against ‘Fair Trade’

At age 70, Jack Davis figured the only bushes he’d be worried about by now are the ones sprucing up the landscape around his factory, not the ones at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bus routes announced as ACS prepares for new school year

Akron Central School Transportation Supervisor John Wideman has issued the bus routes for the 2003-2004 school year. Following is a list of bus numbers by street address. Due to road closures students may be temporally changed to another bus. Advisements will be made accordingly.

Realignment to help refine educational program at Akron

A new school year at Akron Central School finds the same commitment to excellent educational programs for district students blended with a new administrative alignment to help refine that commitment.

Town of Newstead Water District #10 seeking funding

Those needing municipal water, in areas of the Town of Newstead outside of the Village of Akron not already served by a Water District, are being encouraged to stop by the Newstead Town Hall to sign a petition asking for the formation of Town of Water District #10.

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