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Top Stories

Historic Edition:
May 27th, 2004
Vol. 23  No. 47

Enjoying a Special Night

Akron Central School parents and prom attendees gathered in Russell Park Friday night for photos, last minute instructions, laughter and tears at the annual pre-prom gathering. The weather cooperated and the park was filled. The prom was held at Joseph’s Manor.

The Lancaster Opera House presents a summer season of great family entertainment

“Summer stock is a tradition in American theatre,” says Thomas Kazmierczak III, LOH's executive director. "We're proud to continue that tradition this summer at the Lancaster Opera House, the only theatre in Western New York to offer a full summer stock schedule."

2004 Graduates

2004 GRADUATES OF Akron Parents Association Nursery School waited with excitement in the hallway outside of the sanctuary of the First United Methodist Church of Akron last Friday. The students were anxious to share samples of what they learned this year with family and friends and to celebrate their accomplishments. They were greeted by parents and others in attendance and enjoyed a special cake.

New strategy for filling gas tank

I have a new strategy for filling my gas tank these days. Well, actually, I don’t totally fill it. My plan is to stop one dollar short of actually topping the tank, and spending that last buck on a lottery ticket with the hope of actually getting a full tank of gas on my next service station visit.

Savvy Senior - Information sought on pension protection

Maybe I've read too many news articles about employees being cheated out of their retirement pensions, but now I am worried about my own. I have 27 years with the same company and am planning on retiring this summer and want to make sure my pension plan is healthy.

Town eligible for 2 million dollar grant for Water District #10

Over six million dollars of state funding is expected to finance the Town of Newstead’s Water District #10, storage tank and distribution mains project.

Town formally begins exploration of inter-municipal public works facility

Newstead Town Board members authorized the formation of a committee to investigate the feasibility of building a shared department of public works facility during their meeting Monday night.

Whiting re-joins crew of World War II LST

The voyage of the USS LST 325 from Greece to Mobile, Alabama was not enough for Lauren Whiting, who is back on board as the LST makes another historic voyage.

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