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Top Stories

Historic Edition:
July 1st, 2004
Vol. 24  No. 1

Class of 2004

TASSEL TOSSING ended the 2004 Akron Central School Commencement Ceremony last Friday night. The evening was filled with excitement, sharing, and anticipation as the graduates begin life outside of ACS.

Akron soccer players on New York State West Championship team

Four players who currently play travel soccer for the Akron Fury are members of The Buffalo Premier Futbol Club 14 boys soccer team which captured the prestigious New York State West title last weekend in Rochester. The tournament concludes a month long event with the regionís top four teams battling in a round robin tournament format. This yearís top representatives from the region encompassing geography from Binghamton to Buffalo included the Rochester Futbol Club, the Syracuse United, and the Rochester Junior Rhinos.

Astros make final round of playoffs

The Akron Astros, in the Akron Youth Baseball League Pee-Wee Division, made it to the Final round of playoffs after recent wins.

Salutatorian Graduation Speech

Welcome members of the Akron Central Board of Education, Superintendent Mr. DeCarli, the members of the class of 1954, teachers, friends, family, guests, and members of the class of 2004.

Valedictorian Graduation Speech

Welcome members of Akron Central Board of Education, Superintendent Mr. DeCarli, Members of the Class of 1954, administration and staff, teachers, family, guests, and my classmates, the Class of 2004. I would like to begin today with a song that our class learned back in Elementary School with Miss Mitzel, a song that we all grew up on. If my fellow graduates would please stand. And join me.

Akron and Newstead to renegotiate contract with Rural Metro

Both the Akron Village Board of Trustees and the Newstead Town Board have voted to renegotiate their pre-hospital care contract with Rural Metro.

Medical Debt issues explored

I guess you could say I'm one of those unfortunate people who took the gamble and lost. I didn't have adequate health insurance and after my wife's unexpected three-week stay in the hospital, we were hit with thousands of dollars in medical bills. We don't have the money. The hospital has already rolled the bill over to a collection agency and they're turning up the pressure. A friend of mine advocates taking out a second mortgage on the home to pay the loan, which right now looks like my only option. Any advice?

President Graduation Speech

Throughout our lives, our family, friends and teachers have helped prepare us for this night. As we graduate from high school, we will be making the transition into adulthood and taking on all of the responsibilities that go with it. Soon we will be the ones who help young people as they make their way through school - through their growing years. We must realize that just as those who helped us get to this day were examples to us, we too will be setting an example for future generations.

Road closures for Fourth of July Celebration announced

The Village of Akron Police have announced the following road closures and parking restrictions are in place for the Fourth of July Celebration.

Russell Park transformed as Fourth Celebration begins

Russell Park will be filled with rides, food, and entertainment this Friday, Saturday and Sunday as the Annual Akron Fourth of July Celebration takes place.

Two new principals join Akron Administrative team

The Akron Central School Board of Education hired two new principals at their meeting on June 23. Leslie A. Stauss and Joleen M. Reinholz will join the Akron Administrative team on July 19, 2004.

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