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Top Stories

Historic Edition:
November 20th, 2003
Vol. 23  No. 21

Funds for furnishings

Tracy Lotz, President of the Rotary Club of Akron-Newstead presents a check for $2,500 to Ray Perkins, President of the Akron-Newstead Seniors and Joanne Roach, Senior Coordinator for the Town of Newstead on behalf of the Club.

Mix-It-Up Lunch brings mixed comments

Lunches at Akron Central High School were “mixed up” on Tuesday - Not the food, but the company. Students were given stickers with a city name as they entered the cafeteria and were asked to sit at the table labled as that city.

Couple plans Spring wedding

Ron and Debra Miller of Dover, Pa and Anita and Michael Mixon of Mount Pleasant, North Carolina announce the engagement of their daughter, Carolee Renee to Douglas A. Merkle II.

Akron Elementary School receives $10,000 for new library books from Target

There is nothing quite like opening a new book for the first time and Akron Central School elementary students will have many to open thanks to a gift from Target Stores.

Board of Education begins budget development for 2004-2005

Akron Central Board of Education members began the Budget Development process for 2004-2005 at their workshop last Wednesday evening, November 12.

Election expectations a matter of words

The disingenuity meter has been getting quite a workout around these parts lately. In fact, it’s blown through the right end of the dial.

Enforcement of local ordinances related to snow planned

Enforcement of Village of Akron ordinances relating to snow removal is expected this fall and winter.

Meaning to write, but can’t find a pen

You don’t need pen and paper to Sound Out or start a discussion on a community issue. Visit www.akronbugle.com - click on Discussion - comment on ideas already posted, or post a new topic. Directions for the forum are near the top of the page.

Students and parents will determine future of proposed Aviation course at Akron Central

If Akron Central High School students and their parents show interest in a proposed Aviation course at Akron Central School, it will be added to the curriculum in the fall of 2004.

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